The Human Side of AI: A Student ChatGPT Experience

As we continue with the series, '80 Days of AI and AI,' after a much-needed summer break, this interview with my student, William, marks a return to the learning journey. But this journey is not just for me and my students. This learning journey is ours as educators venturing into this rapidly changing area of AI. 

In  April, William Price, one of my senior students, shared his proposal for a capstone project. William was curious: what would happen if he pit ChatGPT against the assignments from our Computer Science class.

The question? Could this AI perform as well, or possibly even outperform the human students/ And if so, which assignments would it excel in, and where would it fall short?

William returned to our classroom just a week after graduation to share what he learned, his honest observations about this new tool, and what his generation is saying about it.

While many are talking about the role of AI in education, as a classroom teacher with my students, we are taking a different approach. We're not just discussing it but implementing, testing, and learning from it. We're learning out to supervise AI and when it is effectively used (or not.)

So, on Day 16 of my '80 Days of AI and HI' series, it seems only fitting to showcase one of my inspiring student's contributions to this exploration.

The show notes include a full transcript and reflection questions for educators, administrators and preservice teachers:


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