Project-based Learning with A.I. and Improving Friendships

Project based learning can be enhanced using AI tools in this unique way that has students do comparative tasks as they compare their work and that done by ChatGPT.

In this episode, we dive deep into the transformative world of project-based learning! Our special guest, Or-Tal Kiriati from Tel Aviv, Israel, shares her innovative approach to integrating artificial intelligence and human experiences into multidisciplinary projects. From exploring the duality of human nature through literature (and a super amazing way to teach Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) to teaching friendship skills in a digital age, Or-Tal's projects offer a fresh perspective on education. Learn from her techniques in her language arts classroom to see how you can engage your students, encourage critical thinking, and make learning an adventure!

Show transcript, notes:

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Hosts, Guests & Featured People:
Show Highlights:
  1. Introduction (00:00:00:02 - 00:00:08:05)

  2. Sponsor and Guest Introduction (00:00:08:10 - 00:00:39:16)

    Vicki introduces the episode's sponsor, Research Quest, and the guest, Or-Tal Kiriati, who is from Tel Aviv, Israel.

  3. Merging Humanity and A.I. in Projects (00:00:39:18 - 00:00:58:06)

    Vicki discusses her interest in Or-Tal's projects that combine elements of human experience with artificial intelligence.

  4. Or-Tal's Approach to A.I. in Education (00:00:58:08 - 00:01:30:08)

    Or-Tal explains how she started integrating artificial intelligence into her educational projects based on student interest.

  5. Additional Resources and New Video Feature (00:01:30:10 - 00:01:56:09)

    Vicki mentions the slideshow provided by Or-Tal and introduces a new video feature for the podcast.

  6. Listener Feedback and First Project Introduction (00:01:56:09 - 00:02:18:17)

    Vicki talks about the podcast's new format and asks about Or-Tal's first project about masks.

  7. The Duality in Me Project (00:02:18:17 - 00:02:55:12)

    Or-Tal describes her project, "The Duality in Me," which is designed to teach the literature of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

  8. Student Engagement and Questions (00:02:55:14 - 00:03:35:11)

    Or-Tal shares how she engages students by encouraging them to ask questions related to the project's main theme.

  9. Project Phases and Activities (00:03:35:13 - 00:05:58:01)

    Or-Tal outlines the various phases of her project, including group formation and activities like analyzing art.

  10. Student Reactions and Comparisons (00:06:03:12 - 00:06:35:03)

    Vicki and Or-Tal discuss student reactions to the project and how they compared their own work to the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

  11. Examples and Student Work (00:06:35:03 - 00:07:33:07)

    Or-Tal provides examples of student work, including their interactions with an A.I. tool named ChatGPT.

  12. Second Project: Friendship (00:07:33:07 - 00:08:46:02)

    Or-Tal introduces her second project focused on the theme of friendship, explaining its multidisciplinary approach.

  13. Closing Thoughts (00:09:08:12 - 00:10:18:18)

  14. Sponsor Message and Conclusion (00:10:18:18 - 00:10:58:08)

    • Vicki revisits the episode's sponsor, Research Quest, and provides information on accessing their resources. John closes the podcast.

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