The Cycle of Experimentation: A New Approach to Educational Innovation

In today's episode, we're joined by Dr. Justin Reich, an associate professor at MIT and the author of 'Iterate: The Secret to Innovation in Schools.' We dive deep into teachers' crucial role in driving innovation and improvement in education. Suppose you've ever wondered how to bring meaningful change to your school or classroom. In that case, this episode offers actionable insights into teacher leadership, classroom experimentation, and the power of doing less to achieve more.

Sponsor: Modern Classrooms is sponsoring a free webinar with Dr. Justin Reich, today's guest, on November 14, 2023. Don't worry, you can also listen to the recording. In this webinar, guests will dive deep into the strategies that drive meaningful change in instructional approaches and student learning, and learn the hallmarks of top-notch professional development experiences that support educators along the path toward classroom innovation. Join our experts, DC-based principal coach Maya Stewart and author and associate professor at MIT, Dr. Justin Reich to discuss how we support teacher leaders and innovation within our learning communities. Link:

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