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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Contribute to the Marzano and Web 2.0 best practices wiki

Stephanie Sandifer over at at Change Agency has created a great resource that will allow all of us to collaborate and connect the Marzano classroom management that Works meta-analysis as it relates to Web 2.0. She has opened it up for worldwide collaboration!

What a great opportunity! Stephanie is a perfect example of a person who took teacher complaints and turned it into a meaningful answer that will not only give great resources but demonstrate the power of Web 2.0 collaboration as well.

This idea started on this post (thanks to Vicki Davis for the suggestion!) and has grown as I have discussed it with other teachers and some ed tech folks within my district. This site will be accessible to my teachers and others within my district — but it is also open to EVERYONE.

The site is set up so that anyone may visit and post comments on any of the topics — which will hopefully lead to a growing collection of real examples from real classrooms and class websites.

Another aspect of my agenda in creating this site is to begin connecting technology to the accepted “best practices” that our district expects to see in our classrooms. In this day of high-stakes testing and frequent complaints from teachers that they “don’t have time to use technology” in the classroom, I wanted to try bridging the gap to help my teachers see that technology doesn’t have to be an add-on. I want to help them understand that technology doesn’t have to distract them from focusing on the curriculum.

She is an amazing educator with a good attitude and this is a great resource! This is not a person who just talks about Web 2.0, she is taking the opportunity of Web 2.0 and the need for research validated practices and connecting them.

Because we don't have a large school system for such a collaborator, I'm going to contribute to her wiki when I have meaningful things to contribute. Good job!

I hope you will all contribute!

Blogged by: Vicki A Davis

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