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Monday, February 02, 2009

Daily Spotlight on Education 02/02/2009

  • Jeff Utecht has put tweetbacks on his blog - I see a wordpress plug in but I can't yet figure out how to do this on blogger! It is cool. Wonder if it slows the load?

    tags: education, leraning, edublog, edu_newapp, edublogger

  • Jeff's summary about the Flat Classroom Conference -he captures it so well. Thrilled that the vision was caught - this wasn't about having a conference for conference sake but posing problems and pushing flattening to the next level, to use these tools to IMPROVE our society.

    tags: education, learning

  • After fighting the wikipedia bandwagon, it looks like Encyclopedia Britannica is finally going to open it up, somewhat. However, the editing and approval system will be managed by editors and contracted staff NOT power users. They commit to a 20 minute approval time for these edits.

    Trying to Web 2.0 it in a Web 1.0 way -- wondering how this will work, however, this does show how the force of Web 2.0 is becoming a steamroller that even such knowledge giants as Brittanica cannot ignore.

    tags: education, learning

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