Cool Cat Kid Blog: Can young kids blog?

I've used this weekend to welcome my children to the blogosphere.

I have been concerned that there are few blogs for kids by kids where I can be certain that the material will be clean, family oriented, and kid friendly. So, my children and I have created one of our own at I hope other families will begin to do this!

I have several reasons:

  • It is the future of my children. I was programming at age eight -- why can't they blog?
  • It will give them opportunity to write. I have them Save as Draft and I proof and coach them to help them.
  • I want to understand kid blogging issues.
  • I want to experience first hand their learning, frustrations, and joys with the experience.
  • I want to apply blogging to my classes but am grappling with how. I will probably use Dave Warlicks Classblogmeister tool.
I have a couple of constraints:
  • My children are not allowed to use their names.
  • All comments are moderated and go to my e-mail box.
  • No information resides in their profiles -- someone would have to contact me.
  • All entries in the blog are e-mailed directly to me just in case they post accidentally.
My kids are loving it. I have an eleven year old son and a nine year old daughter so I think that the full spectrum of kid interests will be represented. I look forward to their seeing that there is a larger world than our small town of Camilla, Georgia. I've told them that anything from the links to Amazon goes into their college fund.

Welcome to the blogosphere cool cat kids!

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