Guy Kawasaki: My new A list blogger

Guy Kawasaki is an A-list blogger I emulate and read because:

1. He is concise.
He uses the number of words appropriate for the topic. Abraham Lincoln once said:

"I would have written a shorter letter but I didn't have time."

Being concise takes time and rewriting. I'm working on this one.

2. He is relevant.
His audiences are businesspeople, bloggers, and visionaries.

He bases his posts on what they need. I love his 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint and have added it to my class instruction.
I secretly wish every administrator should read his blog entry on The Art of Recruiting. In that article, Guy says:
Classically, organizations look for the “right” educational and professional backgrounds. I would add a third quality: Is the candidate infected with a love of your product? Because all the education and work experience in the world doesn't matter if the candidate doesn't “get it” and love it.
You can't teach kids if you hate them!

3. He makes me a better blogger.

In his article How to Suck up to a Blogger, he verbalizes the emerging truths of the blogosphere in a non-technical way. On commenting:

In his article, Blog versus Book: How I write my blog entries, he talks about how those who have a book can take it and create blog entries. He never copies and pastes from his book or vice versa. He says:

If you read the blog and are thinking about buying the book, then I think that you should be thinking: “It's great that I can get all of Guy's writing in one place--fully indexed and illustrated.” Plus, if you buy the book, you can see the results of my book cover design contest which, all modesty aside, is one of the most clever ideas I ever had.
Good points for writers of books or those considering writing.

In Conclusion

If you are a serious blogger, businessperson, visionary, or administrator you should read this blog.

Some non-blogging teachers may not find the material relevant.

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