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Free Staff Development/ Webcasts/ Podcasts at

For those of you who have recently joined the blogosphere, there are some great FREE webcasts over at with some great educators. You can listen live and participate in the chat (click on chat room) where you can ask questions to the speakers live, or you can subscribe to the podcasts to listen to later. I subscribe to everything at edtechtalk and listen to all of them.

There are some college professors and staff developers that require their organizations or staff to select and participate in several shows a month to encourage innovation and participation. It is exciting to see the growth and interest from the audience-- (Some of whom just listen, the chat is optional) and I believe that such live forums are truly the future of our staff development.

Tuesday Nights - WOW2

My little piece of this webcast fun is on Tuesday nights where I co-host the WOW2 show on 9 pm Eastern Time (See the time zone converter) with Jennifer Wagner, Cheryl Oakes, and Sharon Peters and we interview some really neat people. The great thing about the show is the combination of the guests and the chat room -- in fact, every chat is archived because it has become a great forum for sharing and discussing and I often learn as much from the chat as elsewhere.

This Tuesday: Linda Criddle, Online Child Safety Expert

Here in the US, we will all be fielding questions because of the largely publicized Miss New Jersey case where private facebook photos were used to potentially "blackmail" a pageant winner, forcing her to out the embarrassing photos on national TV. She just shared the photos with "friends" on facebook, not realizing that they could be copied and saved.

So, tomorrow night, we will learn from Linda. I've read her book look-both-ways and I like it because it is a non-fear practical book that talks about teaching kids to live on the internet like we teach them to cross the road -- how can they "look both ways" on the Internet?

We will talk about:
  • Practical tips for teachers to be safe with their students while blogging/ podcasting.
  • What could Miss New Jersey have done to prevent the "virtual blackmail" and what should we as educators do about it?
  • What she thinks should be done at the legislative level about Internet child safety (she has also testified in front of the British House of Commons and advised several other governments in addition to the US). Should Internet safety be mandated like drivers ed?
  • When should students be taught and what?
  • Her new internet safety course for educators (which I'm beta testing, great stuff!) and how you can learn more.
  • She will answer your questions.
There is a lot of conjecture and misinformation. We booked Linda about six months a go, she is a very busy woman but this discussion is so important! Linda is an expert, I hope you'll add your expertise as a teacher!

Leave your question here and we'll add it if we're able!

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