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In the Invent this project, my students are .

My students are inventing. All of them are posted on our private ning (sorry that you cannot see that.)

But, I thought I'd share with you a few of their "inventions" which are just so cool.

iCoach -- an interactive way to work with your iPod. You coach presets routines for you and you listen to the routine as you do it. You can add digital recordings after each set to give feedback to the coach "too hard" "too easy" "need to go up a little more next time" that the coach can listen to later and adjust the next routine. Coach customizes the routine on a website, it is downloaded through a secured podcast in ITunes to your iPod. Your feedback goes back as a secured podcast back. (Not sure what a secured podcast would look like but he invented it.)

Turns your cell phone into your webcam, makes skype calls (instead of cell) while on your computer), synchs everything, shares everything -- becomes your one-stop peripheral device and storage and is inserted through a USB cradle on the top of your monitor. So Cool!

ShutterBug Sidekick
Adding a keypad and a wireless ability to directly upload photos from your memory stick to Flickr (freeing up space) as you are using the camera is a pretty cool idea.

Perfume Pal
Combining Microsoft Surface, holograms, and a bank of perfume scents, people can talk to their favorite celebrity about perfume choices and even customize their perfume selection to have it delivered.

We've learned many things -- convergence, copyright (creative commons photos used), photography, graphics development, PhotoShop, PowerPoint, animoto, marketing, and embedding things on blogs -- so many concepts were embedded in this project it would be tough to list them all.

Students are great inventors -- there are many other ideas I may share soon. I hope you'll leave feedback here that I'll share with my students about their inventions.

Unfortunately, the embed feature for these videos isn't working in our wikispace, when it begins to work, I'll share the page.

Note: This is part of my process of incorporating the senses of the Conceptual Age from Dan Pink's book A Whole New Mind into my teaching. Students are told what to do... they need to invent, create, and explore. Our world needs them to invent create and explore.

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