Setting Meetings: Doodle or ????

So many of us are collaborating with many time zones, that handy tools to help us set a meeting are so very useful.

I cannot remember the name of a site that "someone" mentioned recently -- so I looked around and found Doodle. You go in and enter the days and time slots that you can do the meeting -- pick 4-5 days and several time slots -- then, e-mail it to others, including yourself.

Then, they can fill out a poll and state which times they can attend. You are e-mailed when others fill out the poll. (Don't forget to fill it out yourself.) Then, you are able to see when you can have the meeting.

IT is a very simple interface and you don't "sign up" literally -- it doesn't support time zone conversions, however, it is a pretty simple little tool.

There is another out there right now that I think is flashier and I've seen it but I cannot remember it. PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

Do you want to come to a meeting-- Fill out the Doodle!

To see how it works -- if you would like to attend a session on working with Google Presentations as we all go in and "rehash" it -- look at it, fine tune the presentation, then follow this link and fill out when you can attend. I'll look at the schedule and let you know about a time that will work for as many as possible.

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