Daily Spotlight on Education 01/28/2009

  • Great words from Steve in Houston:

    "i have made friends from all over this beautiful world that we live on. From Australia to Oman to Ethiopia to this beautiful country of Qatar. And one thing i have to say is that no one, and i mean no one should ever judge someone on their stereotypes. Why is it that i get along with the people from this conference? WHy is it that i can make people laugh over here? It is because we are all humans. Yes i know that there are cultural differences but that doesnt mean that we are completely different. We share so many characteristics. I am extremely happy that i have made friends from all around the world and i hope to see them again sometime in the future."

    As Chris Chater Said, "The World is Flat and that's how we roll"

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  • I love this reflection from Carly about her experience at the conference and particularly this quote:

    "thirdly (i thank) mum for getting on the Ning, and trying to be a part of it [the conference], i say good job, because the computer isn't really your thing, But I guess now it is :P"

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