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Friday, January 30, 2009

Daily Spotlight on Education 01/30/2009

  • Registration opens tomorrow for the Flat Classroom Workshop that Tom Daccord and I will be doing on June 25-26 in Boston. This will be just before heading over to NECC - Saturday workshop there on using cell phones in the classroom AND Edubloggercon (which always rocks.) Hope to meet some new friends and have some exciting learning this summer.

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  • Blue zones education program - this is the education model - this is a great opportunity for younger students and is a "real" live experience that makes a big difference. Fascinating for health teachers and science teachers as well.

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  • Here is some information on the blue zones project that some of you may be interested in participating - I received this over email today:

    "2009 Blue Zones Quest Fact Sheet

    Program Name Blue Zones Quest

    Description Dan Buettner leads the third of four annual expeditions to the world's longevity hotspots, called Blue Zones. Under the direction of an online student audience, the team unlocks the secrets of longevity and gives students a cross-cultural recipe of the world's best health and lifestyle practices.

    Location Northern Aegean Sea. The island name will be announced in January, 2009.

    Date April 20-May 1, 2009

    Targeted Audience Students of all ages

    Features Blue Zones Challenge, which teams students, parents and educators in a month-long program of healthy habits.

    Blue Zones Legacy Project in which students interview long-lived “super seniors” and share information with scientists (optional)

    Free Curriculum guide of activities for grades 4-8

    Daily online delivery of dispatches, videos and photos

    Educators Web section with online classroom resources

    Evidence Tracker worksheet for tracking quest clues

    Sponsors & Partners
    Davisco Foods International, Inc.

    National Geographic Society

    National Institute on Aging

    University of Minnesota School of Public Health"

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