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Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Spotlight on Education 08/21/2009

  • Just got an email from this:

    "The Wonder Rotunda launched this month. You might call it a 'virtual world's fair!'
    This site is a virtual educational theme park designed to get kids thinking
    about the planet, what they're interested in and passionate about.

    On Wonder Rotunda, kids can do everything from zipline through a tropical
    rainforest, steer a submarine through the human digestive system, dive the Great
    Barrier Reef or operate a smoothie stand! Jam packed with 13 'game shows,' there
    is never a dull moment - yet they are learning and exploring every step of the

    And it features NO ads or social chat rooms. All fun and educational.
    Created by a D.C. dad who was inspired by the 1964-65 N.Y. World's Fair and
    wanted to recreate that experience in a new, fun online experience.
    A one year pass to Wonder Rotunda is $45!"

    I think we'll continue to see more of this sort of site - at least I hope so. I do like the video on the homepage.

    tags: education, learning, tool

  • Virtual field trips and videos are on this website which guarantees that videos are "kid friendly educational videos." May be worth using if youtube is blocked.

    tags: education, video, web2, all_teachers

  • Another game for states and capitals review.

    tags: history, tool, web2, education

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