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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daily Spotlight on Education 08/25/2009

  • Educational Foundations, Associations and Think Tanks on Twitter.

    tags: education, twitter

  • The Flat Classroom group for ASB unplugged - if you are interested in participating in the conference in February Face to Face or Virtually. It will be so exciting!

    tags: education, flatclassroom, flatclassroomproject, flatclassroomconference

  • This is going to be a phenomenal workshop in Mumbai this upcoming February and Julie Lindsay and I are running a Flat Classroom mini-conference at this (the second of its kind - last year we were in Qatar.) With amazing educators like Doug Johnson, Scott McLeod, Bernajean Porter (helping w/ Flat Classroom miniconference) and also the wonderful students it will be great. We will have a few scholarships for students available this year, so go ahead and look at this and contact us at flatclassroom@gmail.com if you are interested in bringing students (4 per school is typically the limit.)

    tags: flatclassroom, education, learning, web2

  • Excellent article from Scholastic Administrator Magazine that pulls from a wide variety of sources including Peggy Sheehy, Jim Gates, several college professors, and current research. (oh, and yes, I have a little in there also.) This is a good one to facilitate discussions about reaching today's students as it is backed up by a variety of sources.

    tags: education, research

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