Daily Spotlight on Education 02/04/2010

  • This summary of the workshop from New York said to me "YES" - the message got across. This is something everyone can do. NOw, that is worth redoing.

    Model Schools Blog says:

    Did you know that the FlatClassroom wiki mega-project was born out of one simple blog post and a response? It was not conceived of in a planning document or a committee meeting; it was not agonized over as part of a curriculum map or a rigorous lesson plan. It was not the outgrowth of a massive initiative or a professional development conference. It was simply one person reaching out to another with a simple and good idea to have classrooms collaborate using "The World is Flat" as a framework. It grew, because it could not help but to grow, not because it was mandated to grow. Here are a few other quick "aha" moments and learning nuggets that I had to write down this morning..."

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  • Information for installing sloodle - this is what you'll use if you're running opensim on a server at your school - helps make the teaching with virtual worlds so much easier.

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  • Excited about this event for small independent virtual world developers and users.

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  • I am so excited about the ability to take OAR files and throw them into a an open sim region -- then package them up and use another one. You can change regions as you wish and also post and share yours.

    This is the really cool thing about open worlds. Open the world, use the world, save the world, clear the world -- start over -- every week a new world. Oh cool.

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