Join us for Project Presentations at Flat Classroom Mini-conference in Mumbai, India

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From about 45 minutes from the time of this post, the students and educators that are part of the Flat Classroom Mini-conference being hosted by the American School of Bombay in Mumbai, India at ASB Unplugged will be presenting and YOU can participate.

We have been blessed with a 50 something group of students and educators in a project-based miniconference that will have participants thoroughly understanding the nuances of planning and bringing to fruition a Flat Classroom - style project.

In 45 minutes, eleven teams will be giving their presentations. They are filling out their wikis and preparing to present as we speak. Here is how you may join us:

Ustream video -
Our Wiki - 
Our Ning -

The projects that have been invented:

The students and educators are preparing.  When these are done, we will be polling you. (If you vote early, the poll will be cleared at the end of presentations and voting will stay open for 2-3 hours.)

Finalists will go on to strand 1 of the mini-conference to craft their digital video to be shared at tomorrow's closing session of ASB Unplugged and then global voting will be opened for the next week to determine the project that will best "open up" education and improve our world.

Strand 2 will go on to organize and craft the 30 minute closing ceremony that is part of the closing of ASB Unplugged. (If you are reading this post a bit later, the closing ceremony wiki will show you what they are planning. These ceremonies will also be ustreamed on Flat Classroom TV.)

Hope you'll join us and as this is at an odd time for North America - if you'll retweet, we'd appreciate it!
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