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As I looked this summer at this blog, I felt it was time to bring to you, the readers, some benefits for reading this blog and blessing me with your comments and time. So, it is so exciting to announce this month’s contest brought to you by VSP VisionCare.

What is the prize?
$500 to spend at the Apple Store towards an iPad!

How do you enter?
There are four ways you can enter, and you can enter ALL four ways for a grand total of four opportunities to win the prize:
  1. Leave a comment on this post.
    www.seemuchmore.com find one thing you liked or learned from the site and leave it in the comments.  Contest Ends on September 30, 2010. Spread the word.

    Go to the
    VSP Visioncare website and learn something new about eyecare.  Come back to this blog post and leave a comment about what you learned and what you’re going to do to make sure your children or students are taking good care of their eyes.

  2. Tweet It.Tweet about the contest, linking to this post using the hashtag #visionEd  - Come back here and link to the tweet!

  3. Facebook Comment.Leave a message on VSP’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/VSPVisionCare - Friend them. Friend me. Come back here and let me know!

  4. Link to It.Write a blog post about vision or eye care linking back to SeeMuchMore.com in your post. Again - let me know in the comments!

    Up to four entries per person!


I dedicate this to my Mom: who helped me see the meaning of Life so clearly.

Background for this Contest
VSP VisionCare is launching a contest with a lot of resources, videos and information to educate you, parents, students, and all of us about eye education and this contest is centered around learning from that resource AND sharing what you do to promote visioncare.
One in four students will go back to school this fall with an undetected vision problem, and we all know the impact this can have on a student’s learning.

Teachers play a critical role in both educating students about eye care as well as identifying children who might be in need of vision correction. To this point, VSP has created a ‘Teachers’ Lounge’ which provides many educational materials, including lesson plans, games, posters, and more. These can all be accessed here: https://vsp.com/cms/edc/teachers-lounge.html. VSP has also recently launched SeeMuchMore.com which includes other fun resources such as ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ videos and a ‘make your own eyechart’ application.
The winner of this contest will receive an iPad for their classroom which can be loaded up with applications and games to help boost students’ visual acuity and health.
Every year I have at least two students that I “catch” having vision problems.
Why this is important to me:
I remember that I was struggling in elementary school (2nd grade) and was feeling so down - probably the hardest time in my own academic career. We were traveling to Atlanta and my parents mentioned a road sign - I COULDN’T READ IT. They realized that I really couldn’t see! And thus, I was one of the first kids in my class to get glasses. Eventually everyone in my family had glasses and now, all but my third grader has glasses. (And I take him once a year to get tested.)
But it wasn’t until Mom came down with a rare eye disease last year that I really began to appreciate eyesight. As teachers we work to remediate and reach every student, but in today’s technologically advanced age, there is really no excuse for having kids who cannot see.
Every year I find at least two students who need glasses and usually it is the same thing from parents:
Every time they would get glasses, the grades would go up and I’ve even see kids do better in sports. (How can they catch a football or kick a soccer ball that they cannot see.

Questions and Answers for VSP
As I was vetting the potential for this contest, I asked VSP several questions that I’d like to share with you.

Why are you promoting vision care?
Taking good care of your eyes is important for everyone - adults, teens and especially school-age kids. Most of what kids learn is obtained visually, and poor eyesight can directly interfere with learning. VSP is promoting the importance of good visual health and yearly eye exams, which can detect distance vision problems among other deficiencies so children can be as prepared as possible for success in the classroom.

What are some of the resources on the website?
In VSP’s , teachers can access lesson plans, educational materials, activity guides, videos and more which teachers can use to boost vision education for themselves and their students.

What can you do with an iPad in the classroom to promote eye health?
There are several iPad applications specifically built to boost visual acuity and health, which can easily be downloaded and used in a classroom. Kids can also access and play games and other fun activities through www.seemuchmore.com on the iPad.

Disclosures: I am receiving no compensation or benefit from VSP. The sole sponsorship is in the form of the $500 iTunes card rewarded to one commenter for the purchase of an iPad in the iTunes store.

About Contests on Cool Cat Teacher

If you think that your product or service is ideal for a monthly contest, make sure that it is specifically targeted to education and promotes the things that will benefit our classrooms and fits with the audience of this blog (teachers, parents, preservice teachers, educators, administrators, and anyone who teaches with technology.)

Email your idea to
vicki@coolcatteacher.com and we will see if there is a fit.

Coming in October or November -- The ThinkCenter 90z. Oh yes, I have been testing this multitouch in my home and it is supercool.  Meanwhile -- Let’s win an iPad!!!
This is my first contest on my blog, so I look forward to your feedback.
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