Linked In, I've had enough! I don't want to link with my 10 year old.

Last week, I logged into Linked in to update my profile and accept new link invitations. I got a pop up asking me if I wanted to scan email to find people I'm already communicating with in email that are ALREADY on linked in. So, sure, yes.

Julie Lindsay had just told me that she had done it and found quite a few new people. I wanted a little scan of my personal gmail account.

Well, Linked in not only scanned my personal email - it also scanned my school email (which I didn't realize) it also put people on the list who AREN'T ON LINKED IN at all including:

  • students
  • parents
  • My disqus comment emails (which are generated for each disqus post)
  • Some group email lists where I've made an email in my google apps for domain account that point to multiple people. 
I scanned through all the names and it took quite some time. But, we're getting ready to release the Flat Classroom book and after reading book marketing books, I wanted to get Linked in Cleaned up.I unchecked those I didn't know but somehow I missed something because I never would have sent the invitation to those who I listed above. Now, I can't find out how to turn off the notices reminding people to connect with me on linked in. I did not see one parent or student on that list! I also assumed (WRONGLY) that everyone on the list was already on linked in -- NOT.

I want to link with my 10 year old child? Really!
I'm not alone - there are many others who are apologizing just like me. There are also those exposing the problem of Linked in Spam.

It is sending comments to my blog. It is reminding people I have NO DESIRE to connect with as well as some emails I never included (like my students and my 10 year old CHILD!!!)

A flaw...
Maybe I"m dumb and I missed something. But maybe Linked in has a flaw in their request mechanism.

Let me stop the linked requests...
Anyway, I've asked a question on Linked in about how to turn off ALL OUTSTANDING REQUESTS from me and can't find a thing. This is a big ridiculous mess and now I'm looking totally spammy.

I have found others that have had this problem too where Linked in is requesting to connect with people who are dead and even themselves.  In my case, I know for a fact that several of them I had specifically UNCHECKED on the previous screen.

Linked in Spam is becoming a Joke, Literally...
Canadian Comedian Dave Gorman is taking on Linked in Spammers and my friend Lucy Gray asked what is up with the linked in Spam.

Something is BROKEN at linked in. I'm not an idiot (although not perfect by far) and I know for a fact that people were invited from me who I didn't invite. There are also lots of my friends commenting on Linked in spammyness that has started up. Something is up with Linked in and it isn't just me.

At least give us the chance to turn off all open invitations so we can stop the madness. I think someone has clicked a button somewhere to try to get more people on linked in.

Don't trust Linked in with your email addresses.
Whatever you do DON'T let Linked in get access to your gmail account - it isn't worth it. Even if you check - you may end up looking spammy like me.

OK, gotta go delete another couple of hundred linked in invitations FROM MYSELF that are spamming my disqus comments. THIS IS CRAZY!

So, I'm sure Linked in will respond and tell me I'm a dumb idiot and I clicked something allowing this. But I know it invited at least one person I didn't check - for a fact (a retired aunt.) Either the method I used to scroll from page to page skipped pages or they sent emails I didn't authorize.

Yes, I'm upset. Yes, I'm sorry. If I don't know you and sent an invitation, please ignore it. I'll do the same for you. 

Let's ask Linked in to turn off all open requests - it is just the right thing to do. They should also disclose if they are inviting people who aren't already on linked in.

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