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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Live Blogging Dr. Kari Stubbs from BrainPop #pilUS presentations

Today at the Microsoft Partners in Learning Innovative Teacher awards, we are having professional development and inspiration. These are my notes taken quickly and I'm sharing them with you - forgive my lack of links and perhaps some typos.

Dr. Kari Stubbs - BrainPop
Some teachers are trying to navigate change in a wilderness full of obstacles.

(NOTE: I really wish every speaker would put their Twitter handle on their opening slides.)

Describes BrainPop as a "loved and trusted collection of resources across the curriculum. BrainPop Jr. and BrainPOP esl, and Brain Pop Spanish are all there. 185K in BrainPop educators community now. BrainPOP GameUP now launched - charge to provide education games to teachers FOR FREE so check that out.

They have mobile apps from BrainPOP so ready to support Bring Your Own Device environments.
In next few months have opportunity for teachers to create their own BrainPop quizzes.

(In the "Oprah" moment - each teacher here got a subscription as part of being selected to be here! Cool, hope the judges got it too. ;-)

Game Up. Play. Seriously. - They are partnering with "best of game" creators to work with teachers to play their games. Best of breed games paired with brainpop content and lesson plans, etc.

They did a study with Joan Ganz Cooney Center - 500 teachers - their teacher attitudes around use of games. 18% using games daily. 70% of teachers thought it increased motivation and student engagement. 60% said they believed in power of games to personalize instruction.

They are showing a video of my friend Lisa Parisi - 4th grade teacher in New York using BrainPop.
(NOTE: LISA PARISI rocks- she has a new book about blogging with Brian Crosby. She's an amazing, no excuses educator!)

Lisa says that kids come with "lack of fear" with technology which is great. She says "games can show me a little window into their thinking."

Now we're seeing some games that are free: Guts and Bolts - that is a new game. It is a twist on Frankenstein - to build "Tim" Moby has to understand all of the systems of the body. Looks like a good game for those studying the body.

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