Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 11/03/2012

  • The Global Education Conference will be from November 11-16 - online - and runs 24 hours a day. Julie Lindsay and I will just do one session this year so that you can hear the many stories. This will be held on Monday November 12 at 10 pm EST -- (Julie will be in Qatar and it will be 6am Tuesday) You can check your time zone here - http://www.globaleducationconference.com/page/2012-sessions-and-schedule We want to share the most important stories from the Flat Classroom. This semester we have around 3,000 students from kindergarten through high school collaborating and merging classrooms - we've openly shared the pedagogies and best practices to make this sort of thing happen in our book Flalttening Classrooms, Engaging Minds but there is a need to tell up-to-the minute new stories that comes from a massively large project. So many projects are starting to emerge that are amazing. Whatever you're doing in your classroom, are you flattenning it? Is global competency part of what you're doing. Students are the greatest textbook every written for one another - but are you opening the book? Join us. "This session is brought to GEC by the original teachers, Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis, who flattened their classroom walls way back in 2006 using Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies. In January 2012 their book, 'Flattening Classrooms. Engaging Minds' has emerged as not just a pedagogical way forward for teaching and learning, but as a journey and a collection of stories from educators in many parts of the world who have witnessed and directed the powerful outcomes of collaborating beyond the classroom walls. The learning legacies from connecting with real world topics and real people have propelled teachers involved with Flat Classroom projects to innovative heights. You are invited to join co-founders, Julie and Vicki, along with other global collaborative teachers who are out there redesigning curriculum to go 'beyond the wow' to hear stories about strategies, challenges, opportunities, and successes that emerge through global interactions. Hear about enlightened digital citizenship ideas and realities as well as how teachers in K-12 implement and sustain a flattened classroom within their school."

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