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Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't let anyone despise you - fulfill your PURPOSE!

Boeing 757 Delta Airlines. On July 15 ship 680...
Boeing 757 Delta Airlines with a flat tire. (Photo credit: dirkjankraan.com)
It is so easy to get caught up in the vision of what you have going that you have tunnel vision. You see it, you've got it. Then... WHAM!

Out of the blue, someone lights into you.

It is their job to personally correct you and deflate that overblown tire of yours... or is it?

The Christian group Newsong has an old song "The Coldwater Committee." Lest you think they don't exist... they do.

Someone saw it to be their personal job to correct me on something last week... not at work, but something relating to this blog. I was "out of line" in their opinion and they were going to "set me straight."

I'm out of line a lot. You probably are too. None of us are perfect.

However, I let this one, anonymous stranger get to me. I let it call into question everything I've worked for since December 2005 when I started this blog. Why? Some people will never be happy.

It took a teetering, somewhat hard to understand, preacher from the Sudan in my church today to straighten me out. Here is a man who sees the worst in people. He smells the stench of death and the repugnance of those who kill each other because they are a different religion. He has lived through things I cannot understand. He drives a motorcycle as a mobile messenger through With Open Eyes and is called to minister in a very hard place. He says that people make fun of his "motorbike" and say "why don't you have a car" but, quoting Paul in Timothy - he said, "do not let anyone despise you" when you are fulfilling your purpose on this earth.

Whatever your mission or purpose. If it is your CALLING it is YOUR CALLING. If you're sure of your purpose and what you're called to do -- don't let anyone deter you from that CALLING.

While I'm totally sure I'm not perfect, I'm also sure that I'm called to write this blog. So, I'm going to take this advice and not let anyone despise me. I'll learn from criticism but also know that the decision to try to please everyone else is a decision to fail. It isn't possible and never will be.

The fact that you're breathing has someone upset -- the same with me.

Remember your noble calling, teacher. Do your best. And don't let ANYONE despise you.

Now, on to work. Have a great day!
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