Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 12/17/2012

  • While I don't endorse blindly sharing infographics because they look good, (A pig in a prom dress is still a pig, as I tweeted about infographics last week), this list from visual.ly of 20 great infographics of 2012 is worth a look. If your class designs infographics, these would be fascinating to dissect and share, both from a graphic design perspective and a data analysis approach. Very cool.

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  • I love this post over on HASTAC about a student's experience writing a grammar and writing website for his/her college before starting school there. While you might think that having an "expert" write such a guide is the best idea, think again. Learning happens as you collaborate and write with others. This is a great example and I'm using it in my collaborative writing book. "As I wrote the guides, I began to realize that I had been making mistakes in my own writing for years. I learned that plagiarism can be borrowing ideas, not just exact words, without citation. I also fixed several grammar mistakes, such as my overuse of semicolons and my tendency to end sentences with prepositions. All my problems were rather basic and easy to fix, but I feel as if my writing has greatly improved.

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  • While I don't condone what Anonymous does, neither do I condone Westboro Baptist Church and their actions. As a Christian and a Baptist, I want to make it clear that this is a fringe hate group and in no way represents the views of the majority of Christians - but I can only speak for myself. When they came to Valdosta, many of us Baptists in the area openly condemned them. Andy Stanley, a pastor in Atlanta preached a sermon series "The Separation of Church and Hate" that is worth searching and viewing. It is worth saying.

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  • For those of you who are searching for some places where students can respond and some lesson plans, the New York Times' Learning Network has an open place for students to respond and share their thoughts along with some lesson plans for teachers.

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