Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 12/08/2012

  • Google plus has rolled out a "communities" feature that some of us are testing. I've created an open flat classroom community for those who want to talk about flattening the classroom and connecting around the world. Too early to tell you what I think. 

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  • Lots of views on edreform and assessments. "The education-policy group Teach Plus looked at teachers with 10 or fewer years of experience compared with those with 11 or more years. The think tank Education Sector compared teachers with fewer than five years experience with those with more than 20 years. Teach Plus used an online poll of 1,015 self-selected teachers, less reliable than the Education Sector’s random sample of 1,100 teachers. Seventy-one percent of the less experienced Teach Plus group said student academic growth should be part of their evaluations, while just 41 percent of the more experienced group had that view. Both Education Sector groups were more supportive of test scores being used in assessments than I think they would have been a decade ago. Fifty-six percent of newer teachers and 50 percent of older ones in the Education Sector survey said it was an excellent or good idea to measure teacher effectiveness using student growth models."

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