Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 04/01/2013

  • This edudemic list from 2012 still looks pretty up to date. Take a look at all of the places you can snag video. Of course, now, many are curating these into lists on pinterest, clacko, educlipper, diigo, and more, to align with standards, but these are good places to start.

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  • Goal setting makes you more productive and is something I teach my students as well. Larry Ferlazzo, a quite successful educator in my book, teaches this to his students as well. Citing research that shows how students like tracking their achievements towards goals, shares a goal tracking sheet he is using with students. I'm downloading on my ipad now.

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  • You might think this is dumb, but I don't for one reason. If you look at the various senses, smell is one of the most powerful. I recall reading a study stating that if students smelled a certain smell in math class and smelled that same smell as they took the math tests, that they scored better. You can literally recall a smell years later. It is one of the most basic senses. So, although some think the smell-o-vision talked about in this Gizmodo article is "dumb" I know that there will be applications in education (and sales, most likely - just travel to the mall and smell the smells they pump out front of a Cinnabon or Starbucks.) Smell is powerful but it will likely be a bit more time until the practical applications come to market.

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  • Companies fight for their future but we may be accepting a dependence we will regret according to this insightful article covering adaptive learning and open education resources s two opposite choices in the future of education.

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