Flipboard Magazines make curation for your classes EASY. #ipadchat

Flipboard is a fantastic ereading tool which has also become a premier curation tool. I've created a magazine Education Inspirivation that you can subscribe to in Flipboard by clicking on the Flipboard link: http://flip.it/WaRGT

Curation is Evolving

Curation continues to evolve and this is just one way. I created this magazine just a few days a go and almost 200 people are following the magazine. For me, a sharer by nature, I gravitate to places where it is easy to share.

Make a Custom Magazine for your course and students using Flipboard

If you have 1:1 ipad program, you should consider creating a magazine for your students, what a cool way to have "required" reading. Same for college professors, imagine a neat, cool, beautiful magazine where your students can easily retweet and comment.

How does it work?

You set up Flipboard. Then, there is a plus in the bottom right hand side. Use it and it will ask you to set up a magazine and you can flip content to the magazine. There is a place for the comment but I can't find where that comment goes right now. Once you get content into the magazine, you can look at the magazine and click the share button to share it with others. Tweet out the link and share on Facebook so others know that you've got a magazine.

How to pull content into Flipboard: use diverse streams of information

If you'll follow the tips I shared in 15 Fantastic Ways to use Flipboard, you can curate from the hashtags for your course, your course blogs and work, and current news. (I also have a square just for Stephen Downes, I want to read everything he writes.)

So many ways to collect, share and curate! There are lot of wonderful magazines out there. After I've settled on my favorites, I'll be sharing those. There are many magazines emerging, for me, the question is going to be who creates and continues to curate their magazine in the long term. I'm hesitant to jump on any bandwagons yet as there are many flash-in-the-pan types out there. Robert Scoble has some great magazines, though. I'm planning on updating my Flipboard magazine daily (with Sundays off) to see how it works. You can also search through Flipboard's recommended content at the top right where you access your magazine.

There are a million questions for Flipboard (analytics, etc.) but in the meantime there's lots of potential for classrooms and teachers of all types. Thanks to the nice people at Flipboard who called me the week before this launched so I was ready to play with it while I had surgery during spring break. It is just as easy and cool as they said, a rare thing in this world of vaporware. Any teacher can do this easily.

Will you share the links to your magazines in Flipboard?

If you create or have a magazine, will you share the link in the comments below? If you have a favorite, will you share it as well? I'm experimenting and would love to find and play with some more magazines. Thanks!


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