End of Year Focus Groups: Kids Ask me to Share how to get more followers so here it is!

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Four Questions for End of Year Focus Groups with Students

Yesterday was focus groups in my class. I have the students answer four questions:

  1. What was your favorite thing we did this year?
  2. What was your least favorite thing we did?
  3. What was the most important thing you learned?
  4. What was something you wish we'd spent more time doing?

Voting for the Lesson for the Last Day of Class

Out of that conversation, I had all four classes echo that they wanted to know "how to get more followers on social media like you've done, 'Miss' Vicki." I let them vote on what I'd share the last day of school and that was it... a lesson they asked for but will not be graded. And while there is time for questions built in, it is largely a lecture - something I don't do much but sometimes should.

How to get More Followers (a 20 minute presentation)

So, I spent yesterday drafting up my notes w/ a mindmap and then during my morning work time at 5 am, I used Haiku deck on my ipad to zap up a cute, short presentation that will neatly fit in the 20 minute time slot I have with my students today. 

Plus, I hope I share clearly - followers aren't something you "get" they are something you earn from being helpful and it is very hard work. Not everyone wants to hear that.

So, I've embedded that presentation to share with you and hope it gives you some advice and tips for Twitter or any social media. (If you want to read more, read my Easy Guide for Gaining Followers and Being Followed on Twitter.)

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