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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Gearing Up for Common Core in Math #ccchat #mathchat

I skipped a class and showed up the next class day to be handed a test. I haven't studied for it. It wasn't on
Darren Burris @dgburris
shares his thoughts on Common Core
math and how it CAN be done.
Listen to the show.
the syllabus. It wasn't based on anything I'd learned. I'm in class looking at the test sweating and realizing that I know nothing on the test and have never heard of it. Just as I start to panic, BOOM! I wake up. I have this dream at least once a year before school starts or any time I feel unprepared.

This is sadly, being lived out by many students today who are being tested by standards that aren't integrated into their textbooks and classrooms. Students are looking at content for the first time and realizing that they've never seen it. They are unprepared, but is it their fault? No! It is time to prepare and update our classrooms.

Darren Burris is a math teacherpreneur who has been noticed for his effectiveness of integrating Common Core Math standards into his classroom. Not only does he love the standards, but the practices they bring to his classroom. I hope you'll listen to my conversation with Darren as we discussed "Gearing Up for Common Core in Math" on Every Classroom Matters (BAM Radio network.)

The biggest point for me is that Darren believes that meeting the standards and working with curriculum should be ITERATIVE. It is going to take a while for math to get there. This jumps out as a perfect time to purchase etextbooks updated yearly. Why would anyone buy a paper textbook that says it is aligned with Common Core math when the best math teachers like Darren say none of them are really there yet?

If you're working with Common Core math, I hope you'll share what you're doing and your thoughts.

We need to be fair and help kids prepare so that nightmares can just be when they're asleep.

Places you can find more information:
Darren Burris

Math teacher at Boston Collegiate Charter School.
Common Core Online: http://goo.gl/cE7Cr
Common Core Essentials: http://coreessentials.wordpress.com/
Twitter @dgburris
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