Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 08/29/2013

  • More science news! A duckbill dinosaur was found with a trex tooth in it. Yes - Trex was a predator, so no rewrite of Jurassic park is needed. "You see 'Jurassic Park,' and you see T. rex as this massive hunter and killer, as incredibly vicious. But scientists have argued for 100 years that he was too big and too slow to hunt prey and that he was probably a scavenger, an animal that feeds only on dead things," University of Kansas paleontologist David Burnham said. Burnham and researcher Robert DePalma got what Burnham described as his "lucky break" when they found the fossil of a duckbill dinosaur's tail with a tooth in it."

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  • Scientists confirm new element after atoms collide New Element #115 has been announced but is not officially "approved" (which must happen before it is added to the official periodic table.) Scientists "slammed calcium atoms into americium." Then, the element vanished quickly into a flash of radiation - but scientists could measure it. It has 115 protons at its center so that puts it at 115 on the table. This would be a great one for classes to discuss in chemistry. Neat topic.

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  • Cool little "tidbits" of knowledge. If you like to have neat "hooks" before your lessons each day, zidbits might have some cool things for you. "What is the hardest language to learn?" "What is the most lethal poison?" These are just a few of the cool little facts. They have history, science, health, and news featured on this site. Enjoy.

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  • Excellent post by Eric Sheninger about what parents should do when starting back to school. You should share it with your staff.

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