Sylvia Martinez and The Maker Movement: Invent to Learn, Tinker to Teach! #makered #makerspace

The Maker Movement is here.
Invent to Learn by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager
 is the definitive book on the Maker Movement
in Schools

What do 3D printers, Rasberry pi programing units, scrapbooks and woodworking have in common? They are all part of the Maker movement a growing effort to reinvent creativity by letting kids and people create.

Libraries are incorporating maker spaces and many people are reading the book Invent To Learn by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager.

If you want to know more about this movement, take a listen to Sylvia Martinez (see below on how to listen). We talked about how this method can positively impact our "STEM pipeline" and how we can foster the love of problem solving in many ways in the classroom. We also discussed managing maker spaces in the classroom and the many technologies being used in the maker movement. I learned a lot and highly recommend the book.

My thoughts on the book, Invent to Learn

Don't think this is a movement that is something new. It is actually built upon some profound research into how we all learn. I think every education professor should read this book as well as principals, curriculum directors, and librarians. Innovative teachers will want to read it as well.

It is a book full of research and citations. The authors don't write something without backing it up in research. I do admit that I'm halfway through and have sometimes flipped to the back -- I'm totally sold, I'm just getting into the "how" now and am sure I'll be sharing more as I build my own maker spaces in my classroom. In many ways, I already have these spaces but need to utilize them better. This fits very well with Genius Hour work, in my opinion.

Listen to the show: 
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Show Notes

Here are some notes and resources that will help you understand and discuss the concepts discussed in this show.

Invent to Learn Book Authors

Sylvia Martinez:
Twitter: @smartinez

Gary Stager:

Invent to Learn Book Resources:

Intent to Learn Website:
Resource Page  : (a useful chapter by chapter set of hyperlinks. I wish every book did this.)

Important Aspects of the Maker Movement mentioned on the show

Hashtags for the Maker Movement that Sylvia Recommends 

(I've linked to the searches below on Twitter)

Maker Faire Information:

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