5 Ideas to Level Up Language Arts #5ideaFriday

Episode 30: Excellent Language Arts with Teacher Alex Corbitt on the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast | 10MT

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Today teacher @Alex_Corbitt from the Bronx has 5 created ideas to help improve and make language arts learning fun.


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Language arts ideas we’ll discuss today:

  • How to scaffold reading
  • Making use of classroom spaces
  • Some cool project ideas including “talk show host”
  • Using picture books even with older kids
  • Establishing benchmarks for students
  • Advice for new teachers

I hope you enjoy this episode with Alex!

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Full Bio

Alex CorbittAlex Corbitt

Alex Corbitt is a middle school English teacher in The Bronx, New York. His work focuses on socio-emotional learning, gamification, education technology, and literacy. He loves learning from other teachers and he regularly presents at conferences around the United States. Alex’s passion for teaching will thrive as long as he continues to laugh with and learn from his incredible students.

Pictures of Alex’s Classroom

Pictures provided by Alex. Notice his flexible seating that he discusses on the show.





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