Making Music with iPads and #edtech

A Conversation with Justin Kamp on the 10-Minute Teacher #42

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Today Justin Kamp @kampmiltonmusic Kids can learn to make music with iPads and technology. This isn’t just child’s play – some serious music learning can happen. On today’s show, K3-6th grade teacher Justin Kamp @kampmiltonmusic from Wisconsin unleashes his favorite apps, strategies, and tools for making music with kids of all ages.

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In today’s show, we’ll discuss:

  • Age appropriate uses of detect
  • Some of his favorite apps and techniques
  • Technotunes and how to use them
  • Showcasing musical ability and setting parent expectations
  • 21st-century music appreciation

I hope you enjoy this episode with Justin!

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Full Bio

Justin KampJustin Kamp

Justin Kamp graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2013 with a degree in Instrumental and General Music Education. He is currently a K-3 and 6th grade General Music teacher in Milton, Wisconsin. He is nearing the end of his fourth school year and has been an “iGuide” technology trainer for his building for the past two years.

Milton is 1:1 with iPads for all K-8 students. He has been published in the Wisconsin School Musician magazine and has been a guest writer for the online Music Technology website: Midnight Music based out of Australia. Justin has presented at SLATE (technology conference) as well as at the Wisconsin Music Educators Association’s State Music Conference.

On March 1st, Justin’s Third Grade students performed at the State Capitol for Music In Our Schools Month. It is his goal to incorporate technology into his classes, whether it is a full blown lesson using iPads, or using the SMARTboard for smaller activities. Justin also actively performs in a variety of different local performing ensembles playing bassoon.

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