How to Unleash the Potential of Every Child

Tom Loud dropped out of high school because he didn’t connect with his teachers. Somehow, he connected with books though and became a high school and college graduate. Now, Tom is a 10-year classroom veteran who is working to make his classroom (and help others) connect with kids in new ways. Today we’ll talk about unleashing the potential in every child. And yes, you’ll hear birds chirping, but that is ok!

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From the 10-Minute Teacher Vault

This is another one of the all-time-top shows of the 10 Minute Teacher. This show with Tom Loud aired in September 2017 but because iTunes only keeps 297 of the most recent shows, we wanted to take the summer opportunity to share the most inspirational shows from the 10 Minute Teacher podcast. I hope you enjoy!

Tom Loud - Bio As Submitted

Tom Loud is a first-grade teacher at Middlesettlements Elementary in Tennessee. He also serves as a Technology Teacher Leader at Middlesettlements and was recently recognized as Technology Teacher of the year along with Innovative Teacher of the Year by his district.

In addition, Loud was one of 50 Teachers in Tennessee selected to participate in an Educator Fellowship through SCORE, (The State Collaborative on Reforming Education), an independent, nonprofit, and nonpartisan advocacy and research institution that drives collaboration on policy and practice to ensure student success across Tennessee. Loud's passions are technology integration in the elementary grades, along with teacher motivation.

Twitter: @loudlearning

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