Hyperdocs: Tips and How-To's for Teachers

Lisa Scumpieru, 10th-grade Literature Teacher, gives us a crash course in Hyperdocs. She shares lesson plans, ideas, and tips for getting started quickly without hassle.

Full Transcript: www.coolcatteacher.com/e507 

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From "The Vault" of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

Lisa Scumpieru's show aired in 2017 and remains a highly shared resource on hyperdocs. Simply put, this is a show you can share with teachers to help them get started that explains simply how it works. If a teacher is using Google Classroom, they need to use hyperdocs.

This is one of the top shows of the 10-Minute Teacher of all time. Since iTunes keeps only 295 of the 500 shows, we wanted to take some of the very best of the show this summer and re-share it with our growing community of remarkable educators. Enjoy! 

Lisa Scumpieru - Bio As Submitted

 I have taught for 23 years at North Hagerstown High School in Hagerstown, Md. I am originally from north of Pittsburgh. I have always looked at myself as a life-long learner and Twitter has helped me strengthen my PLN and my teaching. I am a Google Certified Trainer, Flipgrid Ambassador, Formative Educator, and CommonLit Advisory Board Member. Our school is 1:1 with I-pads and I am incorporating a lot of project-based learning, hyperdocs, and diverse seating. I am a fan of not teaching the entire book, but giving students the meat of the text and reading Shakespeare from the middle. My inspirations are: Matt Miller’s “Ditch the Textbook”, Dave Burgess’ “Teach Like a Pirate”, and Joy Kirr’s “Shift This”. I love to share my work and help others improve their teaching.

Check out this episode!

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