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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Daily Spotlight on Education 02/03/2010

  • Fascinating discussion of the space race (or, in the case of the USA, the lack thereof.) Jeremy Kahn of The Faster Times says:

    "So it says quite a lot about current geopolitics that just as the United States has decided it will abandon its publicly-funded effort to put men back on the moon, India has announced that it might have a manned lunar mission as early as 2016 (although at the moment, it has only committed itself to putting two Indian astronauts into low Earth orbit that year.) China has already said it plans to have a manned moon shot by 2020."

    As for me, I believe that if we're only looking at the moon, it is kind of like looking at the end of the driveway and thinking if we drive the car to the mailbox that we've done something! Time to look further and explore beyond. Send man (or woman) beyond the moon.

    tags: education, learning, space

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