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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Daily Spotlight on Education 02/09/2010

  • Geolocation overview from Marshall Kirkpatrick at the Read Write Web. Marshall says:

    "The era of location-as-platform for software development is just beginning. No longer of interest only to uber-geeks, everyday people are now reporting their physical locations online, often through their phones. Geolocation services are hot and ever more prominent ones (like Facebook) are believed to be right around the corner.

    This is a very exciting development for lovers of innovation. Today we asked some of our favorite web-heads why they are excited about geolocation and below you'll find their answers. We hope you'll share with us what you too, dear readers, think of this hot new trend online."

    tags: education, learning, geolocation, gps

  • I just ordered this book on my Kindle - from Angela Maiers:

    "Greater Than Yourself, the latest inspiration of his Extreme Leadership series of books, is a book every administrator, leader, teacher, and student (yes, them too!) should read. Now. It is a game-changing book. So much so, that educational and business leaders from coast-to-coast and in-between have been gathering as part of a GTY Summit discussing ways to deliver the GTY principles into school buildings and classrooms all over the globe. "

    tags: education, learning, leadership

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