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Friday, June 01, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 06/01/2012

  • If you have an iPhone, Camera+ is the best way to take photos. It is on sale right now for $.99.

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  • The Home Routines app is a phenomenal productivity app for those who focus on habits. The book, the Power of Habit, says that 95% of what we accomplish in our lives is due to habits. Now, I use homeroutines for even my school routines. I have a morning and evening routine each day, but also different routines for the first 10 minutes of my planning period and for Saturdays. Although Called home routines, it is a powerful app for business too. If you have an ipad and an iPhone it syncs. $3.99

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  • Penny Pinching Teacher is a fifth grade teacher from North Carolina who likes to save money. I love teachers and can be extremely frugal so this site is one I like (and you might too.)

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  • If you're a teacher and you love Pinterest, Melissa Alonzo-Dillard is a must-follow on Pinterest. She has so many ideas and fascinating boards. (I have a Pinterest 101 post you can search for to be able to get an invite. It is pretty simple, just go on facebook and like pinterest and see who your friends are who like Pinterest too an ask them - or just email vicki [at] coolcatteacher [dot] com and I'll invite you.

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