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Friday, June 08, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 06/08/2012

  • If you're on Linkedin, a serious security breach has those who know recommend that you change your passwords immediately.

    I knew something was up when my Dad had 2 invitations from dead people to network with them on Linked in yesterday. He said, "I'm not connecting to ___, I don't really want to connect with him now that he's dead."

    Of bigger consequence, many people now use the letters in a website as part of their password, if this is the case for you and your password is exposed, then you may need to change your password everywhere else as a hacker can see your combination. 

    This brings us back to simplified methods of saving passwords and saving them so we can remember and use them but we can protect ourselves.

    Meanwhile, I recommend everyone on Linked in, log in and change their password. It just makes sense.

    Also, be wary of invitations from others. This means that you'll likely be getting viruses or click requests from those whose accounts are compromised. ("I've found this awful picture of you uploaded here" phishing attacks. I call them paranoia viruses because they play on the natural human self-centered tendency to think everyone is talking bad about you.)

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