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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 06/20/2012

  • Lessons teaching about the values of the Olympics and Paralympic games. These are coming up in July/ August. You can use this powerpoint as a starting point.

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  • There is a nice set of videos about sustainability on the tes website including this one about convergence and collaboration.

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  • If you are teaching about sustainability, environment, or politics, you should share about what is going on at the Rio +20 conference June 20-22. Here are some lesson plans that you can use relating to this conference.

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  • June 20-22 is the Rio+ 20 conference where delegates from around the world meet with the UN Committee on Sustainable energy. For those who care about good stewardship of this beautiful planet this is is an event to note.

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  • I created a set of Qu Yuan resources on TES. If this is your expertise, you may want to also create some resources here.

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  • Another overview of Qu Yuan. Another note about him is that one of his most popular poems is the "Heavenly Questions" where he asks 170 questions about life. This would be something to download and read via ebook, etc.

    tags: flatclass education china

  • A fascinating reading about the "Man who raved at the wall." It is an incredible explanation of a unique poet who used his poetry to bring to the attention the politcis of his time.

    The 'man who raved at the wall' was none other than China's oldest major poet, Qu Yuan 屈原 Qū Yuán (often spelt Ch'ü Yüan after the old system of romanisation). Qu Yuan was born in the kingdom of Chu (or Ch'u) in 340 BC, roughly 2,340 years before our time and 1,150 years before Li He's. Like Li He, he was unsuccessful in life, but the consequences were much graver than merely being excluded from the bureaucracy.

    At the time Qu Yuan was alive, China consisted of seven states fighting for dominance of the known civilised world.

    tags: flatclass education china

  • Translation of The Mountain Spirit, another Qu Yuan poem. This one has the chinese on the left and the words on the right.

    "All gloomy and dark is the day;
    The east wind drifts and god sends down rain.
    Waiting for the divine one, I forget to go home.
    The year is late. Who will now bedeck me?..."

    This page includes quite a bit more Chinese poetry.

    tags: flatclass education china

  • If you want to discuss the Dragon Boat Festival and cover the legend of Qu Yuan, here are some translated poems. This poem "Li Sao" the Lament is one of the best known poems he wrote. If you're just curious, it is a fascinating read.

    "A prince am I of ancestry renowned,
    Illustrious name my royal sire hath found..."

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  • The San Francisco International Dragonboat festival is an example of the many dragonboat festivals that happen around the US.

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  • The fifth day of the fifth moon, this festival is stated to commemorate the death of poet Qu Yuan. They drop sticky rice wrapped in triangles into the water for him to eat in the afterlife. When the locals rowed out to retrieve his body, they say this became the origin of Dragon Boat Racing. There are many other theories and this article does a nice job of outlining them. This is a great cross curricular exploration that has poetry, history, culture intertwined.

    tags: education news flatclass

  • The Dragon Boat festival is June 23 this year. This is a lesson plan and has some videos about the Dragon boat festival. It has one of the longest histories of any festival and is being celebrated in more and more cities each year.

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