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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 06/05/2012

  • Tim Holt has started a petition asking movie and television producers to depict classrooms as using modern technology. I agree. Would you sign and share this further?

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  • As you review project based learning, efolios, and best practices, Edutopia has some great guides and this is one to read.

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  • Ithaca college makes the SAT optional. Some are being allowed to submit a portfolio including math tests, science laboratory work, etc. Portfoliols of work are important additions to a student's achievement in high school. If all you do is teach a student to take a test, you're missing the point of what you should be doing. Expect to see more and more about student portfolios as this is a growing trend in many schools, particularly those with 1:1 programs, as well it should be.

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  • An increasing push from the national PTA to adopt "homework guidelines" has been in the works. I think this article from Vicki Abeles at the Huffington Post is a balanced one, however, we need to realize that when a country or school or anyone is at the top - it is because they earn it. If the United States wants to be at the top of education in the world, our society will need to work for it. Parents, schools, students, will need to work together to create a supportive environment for learning. I don't see that happening. Also, I wonder on any studies with homework how many of them are measuring homework assigned and how many of the kids are actually doing homework. That is much harder to measure because sometimes kids don't do it, many of them copy and help each other on Facebook, and of course, there are parents who do it for their children. Homework is not as easily studied as one might think.

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  • Widbook is a multimedia creation tool, ebook reader and social network. While the multimedia books you create can only be read on widbook, that could change. Expect even more dramatic, innovative things to happen over the immediate future as the publishing industry continues to evolve.

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  • In this new day of educational frugality, you can expect the kind of scrutiny that is happening to these presidents of major universities. While universities are scrapping for money, spending over a quarter of million on your kitchen and pool like Elliot Hirshman diid at San Diego State University.

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  • This indexed list of technology teaching ideas is organized by age and type of project. Each summer you should take time to review ideas and if you're using technology, this is a great website.

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  • During the summer, I like to look at projects in technology courses to get ideas and make improvements. This list of ICT (information computing & technology) projects by teachers is one that I'm reviewing.

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