2 Ways to Turn Struggling Students into Life-Long Readers

Simple Steps to Ignite a Love of Reading and Writing

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Pam Allyn how to help struggling readers love reading

Teaching kids to love reading is a challenge. Pam Allyn, the author of 23 books, is a literacy expert who helps schools, parents, and teachers help kids love reading. On today’s show, she shares two important ways to help struggling students become lifelong readers. This is an excellent listen for teachers, curriculum directors, and parents. Share this one!

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Teaching Topics: 2 Ways to Turn Struggling Students into Life-Long Readers

  • How much free reading time to students need at home and school?
  • How can we help kids learn to love reading and writing?
  • Where can technology be used in reading and where should it not be used?
  • Two excellent questions to ask struggling readers.

Educator Resources from this Episode

Pam Allyn has written 23 books on literacy, reading and standards alignment including:

Pinnable and Printable Inspiration from Pam Allyn

Pam Allyn reading and writing

When you become a writer you begin looking at reading in a different way.

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