8 Types of Blended Learning According to Research

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Thomas Arnett Blended Learning

Blended learning happens when you mix the face to face classroom with online learning. While flipped classroom is a form of blended learning, it is not the only one. Today, researcher Thomas Arnett breaks down the eight types of blended learning and explains how they are being used to improve student outcomes. Listen now.

If you know how to use online tools, they can help you become a better teacher. Videos, online websites, and data analysis don’t replace teachers, they help them. Many people misuse the term, so make sure that curriculum and course designers understand the terminology around blended learning so you’re all speaking the same language.

Essential Questions: How Blended Learning Is Changing Teaching, Teachers, and Classrooms

  • What is blended learning?
  • What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of each of the eight methods of blended learning?
  • How are some online-only virtual schools adding a face to face component to improve learning?
  • What are some best practices emerging in course design?

Thomas Arnett will be presenting at ISTE 2016 on a panel discussing Best Practices in Blended Learning Classrooms: Pedagogies, Skills, and Tools for Teaching  along with Jonathan Bergmann, Aaron Sams, Stephanie Sandifer, and Mike Gwaltney. I will be moderating this innovative group of educators and researchers on Monday, June 27 at 8:30 am as they discuss blended learning best practices at ISTE 2016 in Denver.

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8 types of blended learning according to research

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