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Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm doing this for me

I was talking to the mother of two of my better students. She told me how much it means that I am showing them useful, meaningful technology. They spent all last weekend making wikispaces for their year thus far in English.

She said her girls told her,

"Mom, I'm not doing this for Mrs. Vicki, I'm doing this for me - - I need to have my material together so that I can review for the AP English exam my senior year so I am going to put all of my material on the wikispace. Everyone else can edit and improve it and it just becomes better - this is the way I am going to succeed."

I know my readers may be tired of my blogging on about creating wikipages. But honestly, it has created more buzz at my school and more excitement about learning than all of the other tools I've taught this year. I'm using it for one of my semester exam projects and couldn't be more pleased. Think about using it in your classroom next year. (in three weeks)
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