My Podcasting Wishlist

The Savvy Technologist lists an update on his podcave (His flickr picture is shown to the right.) He writes about his new gadgets for where he creates his podcast. He didn't list prices, so I've done a little research for those interested in a more professional setup.

  • The Heil 3 boom is $89 - I don't list the link b/c the advertising is a little risque for my linking interests.
  • The RE 20 Microphone - When I googled it, I found prices in the mid $400 range
  • The model 309 shockmount is available on eBay and currently selling for around $70
These just seem to be the new microphone items, I do not know about the other items in his "podcave."

For now, I think I'll have to stick with my $6 Wal-Mart microphone and free audacity software. It's the holidays, I can dream.

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