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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

To blog or not to blog -- Find the time! It is important!

Ewan McIntosh from Scotland has a great article on why it is essential for educators to blog and to read blogs. I agree with him totally.

We as educators cannot rely solely on what we learned in college. Many experienced educators say that they have practical knowledge on what works.

Not enough.

What if you can combine practical knowledge with current research? Talk about a Lethal Weapon!

By subscribing to the best educational minds and participating in online discussions, you simulate much the same environment as a college classroom. But this is so much more than a college classroom! This is the world classroom! Join in!

I never would have read an educator from Scotland's writings much less learned from him. Now I'm reading a fellow from overseas and finding myself inspired!

I challenge educators everywhere -- while on break -- set up a bloglines account and subscribe to some blogs. You can see what I'm reading by going to http://www.bloglines.com/blog/coolcatteacher.

If you want help, just e-mail me and I'll invite you to bloglines and include a list of my blogs. There is a cool article I found at Teach42 about this.

Once you're set up it is easy. This is one way to aid your resolution to be a better teacher -- spend just 10 minutes a day reading current educational information on your blogline account.

Watch your enthusiasm grow!
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