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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Flat Classrooms Everywhere - Post the hyperlink to yours!

While over at the reflective teacher, I perused the discourse between him/her? and Dana Huff about their project on the Holocaust.

Here is the core of what they're planning, but the e-mails that he pasted verbatim are quite exciting to watch:

  • My students could do email interviews with some of your students about their family members and family histories.
  • Your students could share photos, letters, and any other information to make this real.
  • We could run an online question-and-answer session about the Holocaust.
  • The Holocaust specialists at your school could suggest a list of sites for us to visit, such as the USHMM and the Spielberg Shoah project, and anything that could make this experience more real for us.
  • I’ve already had a couple of students working on a wiki for this project: http://hlc.wikispaces.com
I know that there are many of you out there planning and working to "flatten" your classroom. I'd like to have a place where people can go to talk about them and Julie and I are planning a post a TechLearning on Friday. I'd like to include a hyperlink to your project.

So, on this post, you're the star, post your project hyperlink in the comments, a little bit about it, and how you feel it is "flattening" your classroom. Those who share before Thursday may be included in my blog post over at Tech Learning, so please share!
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