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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Participate in this survey of edubloggers and pass along

(Taken from Dangerously Irrelevant) hat tip to Chris Craft at nextgen

All education bloggers are hereby invited and encouraged to…

  1. complete the short and completely unscientific, but hopefully interesting, education blogosphere survey;
  2. forward the URL of said survey to all other known education bloggers to ensure decent representation of the education blogosphere; and
  3. publicize said survey URL on their own blogs to foster greater participation in this most noble endeavor.

Survey results received by Sunday, January 14, shall be posted in the town square on Wednesday, January 17.

I was going to omit the end, but some of you may enjoy it:

"Those solicited who choose not to participate shalt be labeled both publicly and widely as dastardly scoundrels, notty-pated hedgepigs, or beslubbering, doghearted, maggot-ridden canker-blossoms!"

I don't know what a notty-pated hedgepig or beslubbering or a canker-blossom are but they really gross me out, so I guess I'd better participate.

(Actually, I think it is great any time someone takes a look, even if it is unscientific, at what is going on in this amazing edublogging community.)
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