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Monday, January 08, 2007

Starting Well!

I often do not post a lot during the first few weeks of a semester largely because I believe that it is vital to start well at a breakneck speed. I've been setting up my feeds on iTunes for all of my classes (I've set up one at coolcatteacher.podomatic.com) and just getting things together!

Meanwhile my Introduction to Web to Podcast has been downloaded 169 times since I posted it on January 6th. I must say that I am stunned!

There are lots of discussions that I am contemplating right now, but when it comes down to it, I am a teacher first. As much as I'd love to immerse myself in the blogosphere, teaching is what makes my heart go pitter patter and gets me excited!

My most exciting moment came last week in Computer Fundamentals. I am doing a series on Time Management and Planning that I do in 9th grade just after the grades have gone out for the first semester. I've found that it makes a huge difference in getting kids back on track and have seen the results in students setting goals at this age. My 10th grade study hall students kept raising their hands and saying things like "Mrs. Vicki, are you going to tell them the story about ___ or about ___." They remember the whole thing - exactly one year later.

That means something to me. It just does!

I hope you start this semester well! Remember the effort that you put in at the beginning pays off exponentially during the semester and allows you to relax and enjoy the end while other teachers are stressing because they haven't accomplished their objectives.

I hope to be back soon to share all of the exciting things I've been jotting down to tell you! Meanwhile, we'll be announcing the winners of the flat classroom project this weekend!

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