Back over to Teacher Tube: When laughter turns to tears!

I got this off teacher tube. I think it is a great example of folks having a sense of humor.

Meanwhile -- some other videos are cropping up that make you think.

And my laughter turned to tears!

If you're teaching about the Holocaust, have the students watch the video below, then, after studying the Holocaust, have them create a video response! Give students a reason! They love to interact with their peers and this gives them a great method of virtual interaction.

Sadly, this video says only a little over 50% of our school aged students know what the holocaust is! I would love for such videos to include citations at the end, particularly if we're going to use them in the classroom.

It is important to be able to cite your source!

Will Teacher Tube Take Off?
I don't know. It is a very needed resource and will only do as well as those who rate and evaluate it. I like the idea.

I also like the idea, however, of being connected to the world at large (a la youtube.)

Can anyone say -- video filtration? podcast filtration?

We need a way to let the good stuff in and keep the junk out! It seems like such a method could be invented!

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