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Tonight is our Wow2 show over at edtechtalk. (9pm EST Tuesday nights!) This is our once a month "chat" where you are the star! You can join us via the live stream at (with a 30 second delay) or, if you're brave and want to talk with us, come over to our skypecast at

The Wow2 show has really turned into an exciting high point of my week where I get encouragement from other educators and learn new things. It is really part of my personal learning network because I think I learn more than I share.

Some upcoming shows that we're very excited about (mark your calendar):


March 6 2.19 -- FREE CHAT --
March 13 2.20 - Jeanne Simpson and Chris Harbeck - Wiki collaboration with Middle School math wikis Moderator - Vicki
March 20 2.21 - Miguel Guhlin, Scott Mccloud, Doug Johnson, (confirmed) Moderator: Vicki
March 27 2.22 - Cathy Evanoff, Teacher who won North Carolina Teacher of the Year- 1st 30 minutes (Jen -- Moderate) Carter Harkins from Innertoob will be on for the last half. (runs Innertoob and


April 3 2.23 - George Siemens Moderator: Sharon
April 10 2.24 - Beth Ritter Guth Potential for Virtual Worlds in Education - May add other guests here.- Moderator: Vicki
April 17 2.25 Dr. Cheri T. and her class of beginning teachers! Moderator is Cheryl Oakes, and confirmed. Details about the class forthcoming.
April 24 2.26 FREE CHAT (Sharon/Cheryl in charge -- Vicki/Jen AWOL) :)


May 1 2.27 -- Elementary Teacher RoundTable (Jen Moderates)
May 8 2.28 -- Cristin Frodella - Google - (Jen & Vicki moderates)
May 15 2.29 - Stephen Downes - Sharon moderates
May 22 2.30 Bernie Dodge (of Webquests -- tentative) Will confirm after Hong Kong! (Sharon moderates)
May 29 2.31 -- Pam ShoemakerWalled Lake Consolidated Schools Teacher Training (Jen moderates) We are planning to get other teachers who are making a difference with training teachers into this one.


June 5 2.32 -- Chris Craft -- foreign language learning and cultures in the context of the twenty first century (Jen moderates)
June 12 2.33 - TBA
June 19 2.34 - TBA
June 26 2.35 - NECC supershow

Remember, edtechtalk posts these talks AND we have them at the podomatic site if you cannot listen live.

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