Hey Web 2 teacher -- Do you want $100,000?

I received this via e-mail today and thought that some of you might actually be reading about a turning point opportunity in your life:

As part of its $50 million initiative on Digital Media and Learning initiative launched last year (www.digitallearning.macfound.org), the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has just announced support for a $2 million open Digital Media and Learning Competition, with entries due on October 15, 2007. All details about the competition and application requirements can be found at www.dmlcompetition.net. Awards will be made in two categories, Innovation Awards and Knowledge-Networking Awards. Innovation Awards ($100,000 and $250,000) will support learning pioneers, entrepreneurs, and builders of new digital learning environments for formal and informal learning. Knowledge-Networking Awards ($30,000-75,000) will support communicators in connecting, mobilizing, circulating or translating new ideas around digital media and learning. The competition is administered by HASTAC ("haystack"---Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory), an innovative "Web 2.0" virtual institution of more than eighty institutes, centers, and community organizations anchored at the University of California Humanities Research Institute and the John Hope Franklin Center at Duke University. Anyone can join the HASTAC network by registering on the website (www.hastac.org) and contributing content and ideas, including podcasts, blogs, or collaborative opportunities.

There is also a forum entry about the competition at HASTAC's website: http://www.hastac.org/node/871
I'm going to take a look at it as well. Great opportunity from an excellent organization. If you know more, please share!

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